A folk horror audio drama created by W. Keith Tims and M.T. Goins.
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“We don’t say his name…”

Somewhere on the borders between Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in the most remote parts of the Appalachians, girls have gone missing for decades. When a young woman journeys there to the isolated community of Kilruane, she uncovers the truth about the mysterious man who wanders the woods and his connection to the missing women and puts herself in danger from those who want to protect the town and keep its secrets.

Content Warnings: Adult language, domestic abuse, sexual assault, violence, death, suicide, self-harm & body horror.

Inspired by Appalachian and Celtic folklore, The Love Talker tells a story about violence against women and those that keep it secret. While there is a supernatural element to the tale, The Love Talker aims to tell authentic, human stories of the struggles people face in isolation, poverty, and danger.

The Love Talker is a collaboration between Alien Ghost Robot and Celebrity Tumour.

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About the Creators

M.T. Goins is a writer, composer, audio engineer and creator of the horror audio drama Delivery. He has a degree in Philosophy and was a founding member of The Rams, a rock ensemble operating in Richmond, VA circa the early aughts. He has written both travelogues and film reviews for RVA Magazine and is currently an expatriate residing in the far east. Goins serves as The Love Talker’s engineer, sound designer, and composer.

W. Keith Tims is a writer, voice actor and podcaster, creator of the sci-fi audio drama The Book of Constellations, and host of the audio drama discussion podcast The First Episode Of. He has degrees in performing arts and a Ph.D. in Moving Image Studies and spent twenty years in academia, teaching film and theatre, performing and directing for the stage. Tims serves as The Love Talker’s writer, director, showrunner, sound designer and will voice one role.